ASYM APS are consultants. We are serious about responsibility and adds value by solving problems and systemizing. Most of what we do is coaching, leadership, software testing, and quality assessments of software systems.

ASYM APS was founded in 2003 by Anders Dinsen.

The name of the company consists of the four first letters of the word asymmetric. APS indicates that it is a private limited company.

Symmetry is a property of beauty. Think of a beautiful leave on a tree. In our imagination, leaves are symmetric. But look at nature: The symmetry we imagine is often an illusion, and asymmetries are at the same time contributors to beauty and things that stimulate our minds.

The company name ASYM reminds us that while we strive for beauty when we build software and IT-systems, the real world is full of asymmetries, and that behind the asymmetries lurk not only the mistakes, defects, and failures. Asymmetries often demonstrate the human element and are proofs of passion.

Anders Dinsen blogs in English. Posts are available here.